Steam Progress

So, we're on steam. Steam patch 1 can be expected any time now, with a number of important crash fixes, optimisation improvements, and now we are proud to announce things that will come with the second patch:

Some more  integration into steam itself, in the form of both Achievements, and some brand new features which Valve have personally helped us to implement.
So, for you, our dedicated, unrelenting community, We present you:


Empires will, in the next version, receive a variety of hat unlocks, that will enable you to fit out your classes with their own unique touch. To complement this, we will be adding new player models for each class, which our modellers (Smithy and Mayama) have been hard at work on for several months. A minority of hats will be unlockable via achievements, however most of them will be purchasable from our very own Hat store. We have chosen not to include hat drops, crafting or trading, as we feel this may promote idling.

But we're not there yet. As it stands, we have just a small selection of hats. However, based off the huge support and contributions we've had to the voting for achievements (many of which we've used), we have decided to let you, the community, submit your hat ideas, for our modellers to create. You can find the submission page at: (Please keep images at 64x64).

And, as if this wasn't already fantastic news, Valve have agreed to put our venerable Brenodi Engineer hat, into TF2, unlockable by receiving a yet to be revealed achievement, in Empires. Here's a sneak preview from our Steamworks test account:

So, here's to more development. Thanks go to the dedicated guys behind the scenes, helping make this happen, as well as our dedicated community. If all goes well here, we may even expand into new items such as new weapons! And remember to submit your own hat ideas to get them in!

Fun Fact: We have received over 6000 votes on the achievements until today.